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Series ECC Economy Column Covers



The SERIES ECC SNAP-LOCK column cover fulfills the basic needs of many modestly budgeted projects. It is a viable alternative to the more costly SERIES 1500 column cover, with customer supplied posts, and gives a soft 'V' joint when the column cover is installed.

Aluminum in .090" Standard Thickness (2.3mm)

  • Pattern Metal finish with Clear or Semi-transparent Clear-coat
  • Painted in PPG Coraflon® flouropolymer finish
  • Painted in a hi-gloss polyurethane finish
  • Clear satin anodized finish
  • Light, Medium, or dark bronze, or black anodized finish
  • Clad with matte or hi-gloss plastic laminate finishes
  • Clad with Belbien® vinyl laminate finishes
  • Clad with wood veneers (unfinished)
  • Primed finish for field painting

Stainless Steel in 16ga - 14ga Thickness (1.6mm - 1.9mm)

  • Pattern Metal finish
  • #4 brushed finish
  • #8 polished finish
  • Rigid-Tex® textured finish
  • Prismatic® colored finishes

Muntz Brass in 14ga - 12ga Thickness (1.5mm - 2mm)

  • #4 brushed finish
  • #8 polished finish
  • (factory clearcoat available for an additional charge)