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Series 100 Monolithic Column Covers


The SERIES 100 column cover system was developed as an economical, yet durable alternative to our more expensive SERIES 1500 column cover. These low cost column covers are roll-formed from sheet aluminum and edged with SOFTFORMS installation fins for easy installation.


The SERIES 100 column cover is superior in strength, resistance to damage, and finished appearance to either GFRG or fiberglass covers. Another advantage of the SERIES 100 column cover over other types is that it comes complete with posts, mounting brackets, and layout templates, making for quicker, easier, more trouble free installation.



The column cover is easily finished in a wide range of products normally used in conjunction with commercial interior construction. These finishes include latex and enamel paints, vinyl and PVC wall coverings, and specialty products such as Zolatone textured paints.