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Series 200 Monolithic Column Covers - Economy





The SERIES 200 column cover system is ideal for those applications where economy of installation is a factor. Easy to install and field finish, the SERIES 200 can be used to enclose any structural column or condition where later access is not required. As well as being economical and easy to install, the covers provide a permanent and durable decorative feature to office environment or corridor.

The SERIES 200 column cover system features a seamless, field-finished joint similar to the SERIES 100 column covers, but at a fraction of the cost. Roll-formed from aluminum (interior or exterior applications), or 16ga Galvanized steel (interior applications) and supplied in two identical halves, the SERIES 200 is a superior alternative to GRFG.


The field installer simply provides two standard metal drywall studs, and common sheet metal screws to install the covers. Standard drywall joint compound tachniques (fiberglass-reinforced body-full required for exterior applications) produce a monolithic appearance ideal for field applied paint or wall coverings.